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We would like to introduce Charlie Townsend who is a sparky young player from Norwich who we have no doubt will take the polo world by storm.

There’s no doubting that Charlie has the polo bug: from growing up on a farm surrounded by horses, and with polo being very much his family’s way of life, Charlie soon jumped in the saddle, and mixed with his self-confessed competitiveness, Charlie admits it’s the speed of the game that drives his passion. Charlie said, “I find all fast sports and rollercoasters great fun, but there’s something especially incredible about riding and the connection with your horse at such a great velocity”.

Charlie kicked off the 2017 polo season with a win in the Assam Cup at Rutland Polo Club. With this season being his first at Guards Polo Club, Charlie has had his busiest one yet.

Here are some of Charlie’s highlights this season:

  • Playing against HRH The Duke of Cambridge in July in an at home charity match alongside Richard Le Poer and George Meyrick
  • Being selected to take part in the HPA Colts Cup
  • Winning the Cottingham Cup Final 2017 at Guards Polo Club

When asked if he has any superstitions or lucky charms he wears during a match, Charlie confesses, “I am a very superstitious person and have a lot of rituals to undertake before I play! One example would be to tap the boards four times before I start the first chukka. I’ve always favoured even numbers and it gives me confidence before I start the game.”

At just the age of 16, Charlie is without question a young star to watch in the future of polo. His hard work and determination, fuelled by his love of the sport (and his pre-match rituals!), we believe, will propel him to achieve an abundance of success. Yet, above all else, we at Hurlingham Polo 1875, value the tradition and rich history that the sport of polo represents, which is why we pride ourselves on having ambassadors that not only love, but also respect the game. 

“On the field I most enjoy the competition and the fight between the teams, which gets everyone involved. But I also enjoy seeing and feeling the results of the hard work put in ‘behind the scenes’ whether its schooling a horse for hours, and it finally becomes good, or practicing penalties and finally hitting a great one during a game.” 


1. Who is your favourite pony to ride? Both on field and off?
On the field; one of my mares Flood. She's a 10-year-old Irish thoroughbred and her power amazes me. Off the field an old gelding called Kisner. I have had him since I was young, so he is greatly loved within our family, besides he's very comfortable.

2. Having played around the world, do you have favourite grounds to play at?
Although grounds in places such as Sotogrande in Spain are amazing, the most outstanding ground I've played at undoubtedly has to be Palermo in Argentina. The setting is extraordinary and the fact that it's in the middle of Buenos Aries helps fuel my adrenaline!

3. Do you have any tricks or skills that you may have learnt from watching great players such as Adolfo Cambiaso or Rodrido Andrade?
Adolfo Cambiaso is iconic, although the play styles from players such a as Facundo Pieres are probably more influential to me at the moment.

4. In terms of everyday fashion, what would you say is most important to you: style or comfort?
Most probably style, but that's not too say I don't combine the two!

5. What is your favourite TV-show at the moment?
Peaky Blinders, I love the action but I also enjoy the period they were in. Their style is fascinating and almost inspirational to me.

6. Which artist can you always be caught listening to?
Various artists depending on my mood but these could include anything from the Counting Crows, The Weeknd or Eminem.

7. What’s one thing on your bucket list?
It would be to visit space. There is so much to discover outside of our own planet and hopefully one day that could be made possible.

8. What is your favourite piece to wear from the HP1875 range?
The grey quarter zip from the active range!!