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We have the pleasure to introduce is Jasmine Stanhope-White, a bright young player who knows what it takes to make it.

Jazz began her polo career at just the age of six years old, following in the footsteps of her parents, “I used to watch my parents play, so it was inevitable that I would soon follow”. Now 10 years later, Jazz has competed in countless tournaments and played with some of the top players in polo.

At just the age of 13, Jazz was chosen to play for Young England in Florida, which she considers as not only her favourite grounds to play at, but also her most treasured on-field memory. Jazz tells us, that much like her fellow ‘Young Guns’ it is the speed, team spirit and exhilaration that she enjoys most on the field.

This season, Jazz admits she has mainly been focussed on her ponies and her on-field skill set which has helped her grow as both an individual and a team player. Next season Jazz has set her sights on bumping up her handicap, and we have no doubt that this ‘Young Gun’ will succeed. 


1. How do you feel being part of a group of Young Guns like yourself that are set to be the future of polo?
Being selected as a Young Gun means so much to me as it's tough being a girl in polo and for Milly, Tamara, Lorna and myself it has been terrific to be selected along side the top boys in the game at the moment. We all grew up playing together in pony club and have been selected as part of the HPA development programme where we have been lucky enough to train in Argentina and South Africa together. We all are very proud to be ambassadors for Hurlingham Polo 1875.

2. What is it about polo as a sport in particular that you find interesting?
I find polo very interesting as we play on some amazing pitches all over the world. I have been lucky enough to play in Argentina, South Africa, Florida and Germany, meeting some amazing people and playing with some of the post polo players in the world. I play hockey for my schools 1st team but we only get to play once a year, whereas with polo you get to play all over the world and sometimes at short notice which is very exciting.

3. Do you have any tricks or skills that you may have learnt from watching great players such as Adolfo Cambiaso or Rodrido Andrade?
I stick and balled with Gonzalalito Pieres in a 29 goal practise and felt I learnt a lot. Mark Tomlinson has always taught me and was our coach in Florida where I learnt new game plays and tactics.

4. If you could spend the day with anyone in the world, who would you choose?
David Attenborough.

5. Which artist can you always be caught listening to?
Ed Sheeran

6. What’s one thing on your bucket list?
To ride through the Grand Canyon

7. Have you ever been star struck? If so, by whom?
Cole Sprouse

8. What is your favourite piece to wear from the HP1875 range?
I love the gloves they are amazing!