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We are pleased to introduce to you, Lorna Fleming, a young but ambitious polo player. Lorna, at just 16 years old, has had the fortune of playing around the world. At just 14, Lorna was picked by the Hurlingham Polo Association as one of the most-talented juniors in England to attend a summer camp in South Africa that was taught by none other than Buster Mackenzie, who Lorna praised as being “the most amazing inspirational teacher”.

This season, the ‘Young Gun’ has played well as always, beating Cotswold in the Rocksavage tournament and winning Langford division one. Lorna tells us, “the main part of the season is sadly over for me but I'm grateful to have been asked to play in a polo tournament along side Kiki Seven soon that I'm exited about!” Despite being only 16 years old, Lorna dedicates her life to polo, playing at every opportunity she is handed. It is not only polo, however, that this young star shines bright in: Lorna balances being in the 1st team for various sports at her school and making her way through secondary education after just completing her GCSEs.

When asked what she would be doing, if not polo, Lorna answered “I would still be in the sporting world either playing hockey, netball or lacrosse, better still all three.” This answer isn’t surprising when you watch Lorna on-field, her excitement and focus radiates, making the match a thrilling one to watch. Lorna told us, “I love the whole adrenaline, excitement and the partnership between the horse and rider, and combined with the ball skills, I just love the dynamics of the game as it unfolds.

We don’t doubt that we’ll see plenty more of Lorna thundering down the pitch next season and we look forward to following this Young Gun’s journey towards dominating the world as a professional polo player.


1. At such a young age, it's interesting to know what it was that first attracted you to the sport?
I have always loved ponies and as my love of sport grew, polo stood out as the perfect combination.

2. Who is your favourite pony to ride? Both on field and off?
I have two favourites who I can’t choose between. I have Zorro who although he’s scared of even the slightest thing, he is so responsive to everything I ask of him.  Also Sprite who is a little old now but was my complete school master and will always be a favourite, who came from Barry McCorkell who brought him over from New Zealand.

3. Having played around the world, do you have favourite grounds to play at?
The Dubai grounds is pretty good as well as the grounds at Buster Mackenzie's place in SA… and I always have fun times with good friends at Kirtlington, but of course El Remanso in Argentina!

4. Which artist can you always be caught listening to?
Justin Bieber, Two Door Cinema Club, Martin Garrix and Dua Lipa!

5. What’s one thing on your bucket list?
Ride bareback along a beach.

6. What is your favourite piece to wear from the HP1875 range?
I have so many pieces it’s hard to name only one, but on-field I of course wear my Hurlingham gloves and whites. Off-field I tend to wear the grey hoodie and navy t-shirt from the Essentials range and always pair with one of your caps (usually the baby blue one!).