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We are delighted to introduce Tommy Severn is a a hard-working player with polo running through his veins.

Tommy tells us, “Polo has been in my family for a while, so my brothers and I were all encouraged to play from a very young age, and we were very fortunate to have horses at home and we would always ride as regularly as possible.” While there’s no doubt that Tommy has been very fortunate to grow up within the world of polo, it’s not this fortune that credits this ‘Young Gun’ his success. Tommy proves himself on and off the field as a dedicated and hard-working young man. 

"“On the field I most enjoy the competition and the fight between the teams, which gets everyone involved. But I also enjoy seeing and feeling the results of the hard work put in ‘behind the scenes’ whether its schooling a horse for hours, and it finally becomes good, or practicing penalties and finally hitting a great one during a game.” 

Now reaching a goal level of 3, Tommy is well on his way to firmly rooting himself into the world of professional polo. This season, the ‘Young Gun’ has played over 60 matches and is hoping to make it up to 80 before the end of September, playing in 12-15 tournaments! After this season, Tommy is lucky enough to head off to Argentina at La Dolfina Polo Club with Isidro Estrada to hopefully play some tournaments, work and learn. When asked if he’s learnt any skills or tricks from watching famous 10 goal players such as Adolfo Cambiaso, Tommy amusingly replied, “Yes, I think every young player tries to be like one of the big payers like Cambiaso or the Pieres’ but obviously it’s next to impossible, and normally ends up in someone screaming ‘Stop tapping the ball!’ or ‘Stop trying to hit the ball in the air’.”

We have no doubt that Tommy will make great use of the opportunities he’s been handed and work hard to establish himself as a professional and international player. We’re therefore pleased to announce Tommy as a brand ambassador, as we are proud to have such a driven and skilled young player to represent us at Hurlingham Polo 1875.


1. As a brand ambassador for Hurlingham Polo 1875, is there anything about the brand that attracted you to represent us?
So far, the Hurlingham 1875 on-field kit has been really impressive! The gloves and whites are second to none, and this originally attracted me. Now working with the team and looking further into the Active wear is really smart and I am looking forward to seeing the different collections coming in the future.

2. If you could spend the day with anyone in the world, who would you choose?
There is so many people I would love to spend the day with! David Beckham and Leonardo DiCaprio would be quite interesting to see their look in life as they do so much for charity but obviously there is some members of my family I would like to spend the day with.

3. Having played around the world, do you have favourite grounds to play at?
Its difficult, as there are so many good fields, and all the obvious ones, but Ground 1 at El Remanso in Argentina, is pretty special as it is not only a good ground but the surroundings and location is unbelievable. Also, Ivy Lodge, at Cirencester Park Polo Club, is a very good ground and always-good fun to play at.

4. Do you have any superstitions before a match?
No, not really, I try and stay focused before a match and warm up and stretch, I think it is important as it gets me focused and you would never see any sports player in another sport start a game without warming up.

5. What is your favourite TV-show at the moment?
I am really looking forward to the second series of ‘Peaky Blinders’, which is coming out soon.

6. What’s one thing on your bucket list?
My bucket list is quite long, but at the top at the moment is to win the Argentine Open.

7. What is your favourite piece to wear from the HP1875 range?
The HP Active Quarter Zip Mid Layer in Grey / Orange from the Active Collection.